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Christine Grace Thomas

Christine Grace, founder of Grace Ventures and a Life Coach, gave a talk on development and evolution of leadership skills, and how to be better leaders. She began by explaining the ways to advance leadership traits.

The three ways to progress leadership skills is through taking leadership opportunities, reflection and getting the guidance of a coach. Leadership opportunities could be any activity involving a community or beginning a business, or even a basic skill like networking. To help understand the level of growth and gain a better perspective of the work in progress, a substantial amount of time for reflection is required. Additionally, talking to experts and acquiring a coach will help steer in the right direction. They will hold the mirror and help through the various hesitations and anxieties that one might have. Character has an enormous impact on leadership. Christine explained the iceberg method where the tip of the ice berg is the leadership traits and skills, and the bottom, which is invisible, immeasurably more than the top and the foundation, is the characteristics of a leader.

A few leadership skills mentioned were active listening, problem solving, project management and conflict resolution. Humility, positivity, dependability, courage, integrity and stewardship are elements of a leader’s character. True leadership comes from serving one another wholeheartedly. The character of servitude is obtained from love for one another that is observed through agape love of God.

Answering to the question of how much has women leaders evolved over the years, Christine pointed out that the role of women leaders had evolved. There has been a significant upsurge of women creators and entrepreneurs. Women leaders of the Bible like Esther, Lydia, Ruth, Mary, Mary Magdalene stood firm for God and served wholeheartedly. It is important to maintain and develop habits for the constant growth of leadership abilities. Routines and practices that were discussed were introspection, getting a brighter outlook and serving. God gives us more opportunities depending on how faithful we are in the little things that we do.

Jesus is a world changer; we have inherited that character from him and hence we also need to be world changers.

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